Zidi Media

telling powerful stories


Established in 2015, ZIDI MEDIA is the leading influencer marketing agency in East Africa connecting the world’s top brands with passionate socially-engaged audiences through social media influencers. We strategize and build high performing campaigns for top brands to engage with their target audiences on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, Snapchat, and emerging social media channels.

ZIDI MEDIA helps brands tell their story through Kenya’s top social media influencers. We develop and manage creative influencer marketing strategies to effectively spread out your brand’s story and reach a wider audience within and beyond East Africa. We connect you to a new generation of consumers in Africa through the voices of influence in the continent.

ZIDI MEDIA knows how to leverage the true value of influencers’ relationships with their audiences, not just reach and impressions. Our branded and sponsored content campaigns engage audiences, drive brand awareness, brand engagement, and product sales.