Develop meaningful relationships with audiences

through those they trust

Influencer marketing Strategy

Developing campaign ideas that cut through the clutter that is online advertising

Our Influencers

Are a collective group of bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers, celebrities that deliver a large, diverse, audience.

Content Development

Through a team of creative professionals including photographers, videographers, editors and content curators, your brand story is in good hands.


Underpinning Influencer Marketing is our monitoring and evaluation real time tools that help us drive efficiency for our clients


Our Promise

  • If influence is your aim, either online or offline, we will help you match your brand, influencer and audience to drive your campaign message.
  • Our aim is to tell your brand story in line with your campaign goal while maintaining the integrity and voice of the influencer.
  • ZIDI MEDIA champions digital marketing strategies predicated on insight, analytics and personality, for content that is relevant to and engaging with your audience.
  • Our team has collective experience spanning digital marketing, media, advertising and entertainment business.
  • ZIDI MEDIA represents a curated roster of top online personalities and Influencers, spanning areas of fashion, beauty, food, fitness, tech, lifestyle and travel.


Brand Ambassadorship

A brand ambassador is someone who embodies the brand he or she is endorsing, providing credible, trustworthy promotion and visibility to a brand. Our goal is to connect the brand with the most suitable influencer that would deliver an authentic experience for the audience reflecting the brand values.

Brand Activation

We organise how to take the influence offline into in-store events, promotions, speaking engagements, showcases and any other events that have the brand engaging with potential customers.

Content Creation

We work with influencers to style, shoot and create content for your brand including look books, videos, curated visuals, sponsored social media posts, and more.

Product Placement and Seeding

Our influencers are trend setters and others are always looking to them to see what brands they are using, wearing and talking about. Seeding your product to influencers is the first step to creating advocates.


Influencers have a keen knowledge of what their audience wants and buys, making them the perfect collaborators for co-created and curated collections.


Quantifying the impact of influencers on your campaign, brand, marketing and overall business goal is often overlooked. We use standardised measures to monitor what influencers are saying, how they are saying it, with what reach and what engagement.